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Procurement of urgent medical equipment

The medical advisory group has consolidated a list of medical equipment to respond to this emergency. Please see below:


  • Rubber PVC Boots 

  • Protective coveralls 

  • Faceshields

  • Protective goggles

  • Surgical gown 

  • Heavy Duty Rubber Gloves

  • Disposable masks 

  • N95 masks or equivalent 

  • Examination Gloves 

  • Clinical Thermometers 

  • Shoe Covers 

 Diagnosis and Monitoring 

  • O2 Tanks and regulator

  • Nasal oxygen cannulas 

  • Medical Oxygen Tubing 

  • Oxygen masks 

  • Oxymeter Pulse (finger tip model)

  • Suction Pumps

  • Paracetomol Tablets

  • Paracetamol Injections 

  • Cetriaxone sodium 

  • Sodium Chloride

  • Covid-19 Primer and Probe 

  • Individual serology SARS CoV2 Kits  

  • Patient Monitor trollies 

  • Canulas in various sizes 

  • Syringes and needles 


Cleaning Supplies 

  • Bleach 

  • Washing Soap 


Outreach Work & Community Engagement

  • Food packets to be distributed to the vulnerable in the community. 

  • Recommendations and encouragement to businesses and individuals to limit panic purchasing specific products, or price-gouging in this market.

Fundraising to procure and distribute hygiene products to the community:


  • Cleaning materials 

  • Soap 

  • Hand sanitiser 

  • Washing Stations  


Communication & Messaging Initiatives

To develop and provide communication tool kits to the private and public sector institutions and health centres:

  • Create simple, relevant messaging in local languages. 

  • Create point-of-sale messaging to raise awareness of COVID-19 during day-to-day interactions.

  • Create and distribute simple, bulletin-style messages through existing platforms (mobile money, social media, telecoms operators etc).

  • Create messaging that can be used in core business activities using company intranets, email systems, or safety presentations.

  • Supply public & private on-site clinics with messaging to integrate into their spaces. 



  • Directly addressing the issue of myths and misconceptions

  • Provide volunteers, peer educators and community health messages with messaging to reinforce messages to the public. 

  • Utilise in-kind contributions from telecommunications companies (Zamtel, MTN, Airtel) for short SMS messaging

  • Provide in-kind contributions from country wide private radio stations particularly during peak listening hours.

  • Secure donations from private sector billboards companies (digital and stationary) to provide a space for public messaging. 

  • Provision of Megaphones & Speaker systems to be mounted on the vehicles


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